Be Inspired

I'm a professional photographer in the field of commercial advertising where I predominately be shooting what other people want. Yes, I usually have a fair amount of input into the creative process, and I like to think that that's a big part of why people hire me to produce their vision, but that is never a given. That means that if I want to feed my creative desires, then I will need to continue to make art for myself... for the sake of feeding my own soul.

I am reading a book on the story of art by E.H. Gombrich and I came across a particularly profound quote this evening. It inspired me to continue to push outside of my preconceived notions about how my work should be represented and in turn perceived by other people. It makes me want to take up the practice of trying new things... or trying old things in a new way... and to not care if it even makes sense with the laws of the world around me. There is something to be said about not caring what other people think with regards to your "art". I have decided to shoot with only film and toy cameras this week. I am not relying on the crutch on instant digital feedback (a crutch which I must admit I lean on very heavily at times), nor on digital manipulation, and I'm throwing all of the traditional "rules" of photography right out the proverbial window. I'm not caring what anyone says about these images or even if they see them. This is for me... this is my practice at my art for the sake of the representation of how I see things around me. All that said, please read this quote by Gombrich. You won't be disappointed and I truly believe that you will be inspired:

"We are all inclined to accept conventional forms of colours as the only correct ones. Children sometimes think that stars must be star-shaped, though naturally they are not. The people who insist that in a picture the sky must be blue, and the grass green, are not very different from these children. They get indignant if they see other colours in a picture, but if we try to forget all we have heard about green grass and blue skies, and look at the world as if we had just arrived from another planet on a voyage of discovery and were seeing it for the first time, we may find that things are apt to have the most surprising colours. Now painters sometimes feel as if they were on such a voyage of discovery. They want to see the world afresh, and to discard all the accepted notions and prejudices about flesh being pink and apples yellow or red. It is not easy to get rid of these preconceived ideas, but the artists who succeed best in doing so often produce the most exciting works. It is they who teach us to see in nature new beauties of whose existence we have never dreamt. If we follow them and learn from them, even a glance out of our own window may become a thrilling adventure."

Now... be inspired... go make art... don't over-think... just create!