The video below was done in collaboration with Matt Perko, Bryan Markwardt, and Joseph Mitchell as a final project for the motion picture class that I just finished at Brooks Institute. I'll leave any interpretation of the content up to you, but I will tell you a bit about the shoot. If you'd like to read more, continue on after you watch.

The hardest part about this shoot was getting the weather/time of day to cooperate... actually, it never did. We had less than a week to shoot, but had to get all of the shooting done in one day. The original vision of the film required an overcast sky, and, as you can imagine, in Santa Barbara, that's fairly hard to come by. We had one day that had a partly cloudy outlook, that is until the morning of the shoot... not a cloud in the sky. We were prepared for this and got to the beach to set everything up well before dawn so that we could get the predawn light before there was any directional sunlight contaminating the scene. As the sky began to break to day we realized that any amount of cloud cover was not in the cards, so we had to shoot quick! There were no "take two's" and everything was shot within about 30 minutes. It was a crunch, and in the end we didn't get all of the shots that we had hoped for, but we made it work, and I think it was a success (I guess you can be the judge of that).

A second thing that I would note is that none of the sound on this film... none.. was captured in camera or at the scene. All of the sound and sound effects come from royalty free samples and loops that were either downloaded from the Internet or found within Soundtrack Pro. Putting together the soundtrack was a project in and of itself, but a good experience, and, coming from a musical/digital audio background, it was fun to delve into multi-track editing again.

It has been really fun to jump into video production over the last couple of months. It has been a good break from the norm and good practice at where I believe, at least partially, the industry is heading. If you are a photographer and haven't tried your hand at motion picture yet, please do. I think that you will find it an easy crossover, and I believe that you will have a lot of fun turning your photographic vision into moving pictures.